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Discussion in 'Systematic Theology' started by Joe, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I in no way would want to bind your conscience as you study as you do.
    I do not trust my own mind to reach up to God,rather I am content to try to understand God revealed truth.
    In 1 cor. We are told man by wisdom did not know God.
    If some of these men have offered some things that have been found helpful that's fine.
    Some of these people have offered error by their speculations. ...many which helped the Roman Church get off track.
    I have little use for Wayne Grudem...
    I think an example of his errant speculation ....going from memory,but I think on page1067?he has a diagram of an arrow representing new revelation coming into a person's mind,then he suggests it is up to the person to put it in his own thanks wayne.

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