More and more Christians are being persecuted around the world

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by JacquelineDeane55, Jul 1, 2017.

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    I am a Christian and I follow Jesus, but I am seeing that more and more people around the world are being persecuted for their faith.

    Mainly by people who do not share our beliefs in a higher power.

    These people need prayer, that GOD will protect them and keep them safe.

    I am almost sure that people who treat others badly for their different views are sinning. I don't think that Jesus would hurt someone just because they didn't agree with his views on things.

    I has caused me to question the moral character of these people.

    You see, this is why people need a Saviour. This is why people need Jesus. Because people are capable of committing such evil and atrocities to our fellow man (and yet they try to convince me that they are good people already and its not true). Its this that Jesus came to save us from. He came to save us from all the bad and immoral things we could ever do, so that we would be clothed with his righteousness and become truly good and moral like He is.

    People want to argue with me that mankind is inherently good. If that were true, then why is there bullying? Why is there crime in the world? Some people are capable of doing really evil things to others. Why do you think that is? The Bible teaches us its because we all have a sin nature, that is why we are capable of doing bad things on our own. I think we all need a Saviour. We all need Jesus.
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    Interesting note, although I would argue that Christians have played that role as well.

    Christians have killed nonbeliever for not believing.
    Christians have brutally killed Christians of different denominations.
    Christians have killed people of other religions.

    I agree, that these people have a morality issue.
    But I would also say Christians are guilty of the same thing.

    Atheists can act morally, and Christians can act immorally.

    No doubt though, Christians in other parts of the country ARE being persecuted, but so are non believers in those countries.

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