a challenge All atheists There is inevitably a Creator. Logic says that

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    Greetings to you brothers:

    MY FRIENDS You are called the absence of the Creator of the universe ????

    This means nothing ...

    It is absurd ...

    The order of salary shall be by the order of the exact order of this degree to be supervised by one of the stages of its formation


    When the command is under moderator ....

    Everything is absurd on its own without the supervision of anyone, scientists have developed theories to form the universe

    ... These theories explain ideas and hypotheses on the formation of life, beings, etc.

    It must be taken into account.

    .. is very important ...

    When you read those theories ..

    She feels ridiculed and disgusted by her owners

    ... as long as it is absurd as you call ....

    "Even your words, which you say is a path, a path and a map taken by life to get to this point that we are now (who reads the theories find infinite accuracy in drawing the plan Haha as if his books is the most honorable of the universe).

    For example: Natural selection ...

    From a simple evolution to a complex evolution, the idea on which theory depends on the interpretation of these organisms ...

    Surprisingly beautiful, who wrote theory stupid person par excellence. Why ??

    Does the presence of vast objects all of which have certain characteristics among them mean randomness or the unity of the manufacturer? ..

    Instead of thinking about a very important thing, that these organisms, by sharing all those qualities from an ant to an elephant, means one maker, think of something else that is far from rationality. The stage of evolution has emerged !!!! Why now?

    As long as the absurdity of excellence, why the absurd appeared at that stage and the organisms and began to evolve each of the types !!!!! The very important question

    My brothers: If it were absurd, the Law of Probability must be applied in order to obtain agreement between all beings in the common attributes of countless beings,


    It is my brother's position in the development of these theories is to see something and find a hypothesis to form this in the current form ... But these theories do not always agree reality because the author of the theory is the hypothesis of consensus (access to the current reality) but do not agree the logic of all things. Life seems to have passed away and has not taken into account the great mistakes

    Which will be produced in order to obtain such an agreement.

    An enormous arrangement both in the atmosphere surrounding objects.

    From a suitable place (Mars, for example, if life was Mercury), the existence of a thousand species in a different physical order,

    One hand, for example, is the eye of a man and he can live. Very wondrous things worth contemplating only how random to go out like this, regardless of the author's theories, shortens many stages in thinking about how to originate (never makes sense).


    There is a Creator inevitably. If you do not believe in a certain religion. Your mind will touch on the existence of a composite of everything, the Greatness of the present.

    I challenge someone who thinks in his mind not to think of a fanaticism for the ideas of others (the theories), to say that the universe is not a creator

    Islam is one guide enough of all the many evidence that does not convince your minds ... "The mountains and pegs" This verse is sufficient to prove the heavenly religion


    Best regards my colleagues
    Islam is the true religion

    The Prophet Muhammad told us since 1440 years on several things

    These things are proof of sincerity

    Tell about the rotation of the earth

    And tell about the darkness that happens at the bottom of the ocean

    Which can not be known at the time

    And told a lot

    For the Koran

    True texts

    Not an explanation

    This text

    In Surat Al Noor

    Talk about darkness in the deep seabed

    Darkness above some

    If you get out your hand of your pocket

    It is impossible to see it

    The text of the rotation of the earth is mentioned in Surat Al-Naml from the Holy Qur'an

    He said to you that you see the mountain static

    But in fact he is moving

    As the clouds move

    Quickly follow Islam

    Quickly go to Islamic center and learn Islamic religion

    Fastest and safest

    Islam is the truth
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    Bible Believer
    John 1:17
    For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.
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    I swear I will leave
    It will leave you going to hell
    For the Antichrist is when he is
    Invented the gospel
    Then he said that it is the word of God
    Thou fooled you
    What proves to you that the Bible is the Word of God
    And did not deviate?
    Do not prove
    Because there is no copy dating back to the reign of Jesus
    What you believe in
    Only ignorance parents
    As Hindu
    Go to the hell
    And make sure you curse Jesus
    When the day of reckoning is gone
    But do not jump to Jesus
    But the spring is the spring of the blind
    In order to follow without thinking if one time
    Muhammad came right
    This is a conclusion in the Qur'an
    Tell me how Muhammad knows
    That darkness is at the bottom of the ocean
    Do you deny the words of Muhammad
    Just fanaticism to what your fathers said?
    The gullible gospel mentioned that the earth is flat
    The two ears are spherical
    Is it possible to believe the human gospel
    The Qur'an leaves the Word of God
    Only because your fathers follow the gospel
    What proves to you the validity of the Christian belief
    Because there is no old version
    There is no sign that speech is the Word of God
    Congratulations to you hell
    And congratulation you to stay forever in the hegim
    And congratulations to you, Jesus gave up on you in the correct book the Koran
    He stated that he would give up all the people who had worshiped him
    This is a true Qur'an with a seal confirming it
    The Qur'an is the Word of God
    Because there are signs in it that God knows only
    Such as the rotation of the earth
    And dark at the bottom of the ocean
    Clogged eyes while ascending to space
    The mountains are pegs like a tambourine
    And that the sky is composed of gases that are not stones, as people thought at the time
    That the earth is within heaven
    Not as the people of last time think that heaven is above the earth and its roof
    my dear
    Jesus in the True Book The Qur'an has been purified of you and of all the people who followed Him
    In the false gospel
    It will protect you
    Bless you for the false news in the Gospel
    Which Jesus did not say and you originally do not see Jesus said
    And praise to you eternity forever in the hegim
    And you shall see Jesus

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